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Customer Testimonials


I wanted to learn to play guitar so I could join a band. My teacher helped me to learn so quickly that I was playing songs for my band in just a few months. I had much more to learn, but I was still able to play well enough right away to start on my dream early. Thanks so much for all you do.

Matt W.


Finding the best local Reno guitar lessons was a challenge for me. I had no idea what to look for. Not just looking for the right teacher but knowing what they should even be teaching me. My friend told me about Guitar Lessons Reno. The very first time I went to their building I fell in love right away. All the instructors are so nice and helpful. Now I am playing shows at a bar on the weekends, I even get paid for it!

Casey H.


My mom wanted me to learn an instrument because she said it would be good for me. At first, I hated the idea and was not excited to learn at all. Somehow, my guitar teacher at Guitar Lessons Reno changed my mind so fast. He showed me how much fun playing guitar can be and why. I never dreamed I would be spending my entire weekend learning new songs or practicing scales to learn how to solo. Thank you, you guys are so awesome!

Chris K.

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